Notebooks for creative minds, toys for big boys — and girls.

Notebooks, cubes, postcards
limited editions, diaries, puzzles and other geek things for creative minds


We have a love for printed objects

It's more of a fetish really.

We make colourful things inspired by art school, happy accidents and smart minds of the internet. They remind us of what creativity is all about; beauty, humour, curiosity, and most importantly, the joy of child-like play. With those in mind, we design rare objects that bring out the creative in you.

You've come to the right place.


How to build
creative partnerships

and collaborate
with superstars


How to use
a notebook

as a creative tool


A dummy's guide to solving the Architect's Cube
a.k.a. the Mirror Blocks


We're a creative studio

Based in London, we work in the fields of print and communication design. 

We believe in the multi-disciplinary. 

We're empowered by the tools of critical thinking, theory of design and humour, and we wanna bring those back to you through our work. 

We love the play, make jokes and our creative process is often messy. And as visual as we are, we flirt with other things — poetry, music, multi kulti big cities, fashion on the street and the beauty of language. We keep an open mind, draw inspiration from odd places and keep discovering our voice, while encouraging you to do the same.

In other words, we’re creative souls, wanting to stay true to our childhood dream.


How to be an artist
as a designer