New Post About New Posts


I’m starting to write a series of articles. 

My intention is to keep them as design-related as possible, but you can only hope. So, I like to keep everything abstract. And like everything, I'm starting before I'm ready, and I’ll loosely call this an experiment to take the pressure off a little bit.

I basically don’t know what I’m doing.




So no plan, nothing tangible other than a vague outline.

But this is usually how I work. 

I love books about advertising. I also love Seth Godin. He is a champion of shipping before being ready. He has a better word for this. He also blogs every day. I hope we all know that this is a commitment beyond the usual. I obviously believe that this is important. 

Of course, publishing drafts makes me cringe.

Like every other self-respecting creative, I like to polish things forever and ever until they are perfect, or until I’m sick of them, or until I retire. I don’t think I’ll ever retire. And nothing is never perfect. 

So, rather than judging a single piece of work, I now look at an artist’s entire body of work and see the progression.

The progress, the evolution, the persistence and perseverance. The portfolio with the embarrassing work, the student projects, the “experiments” and the ugly disasters. Because the total of your work takes the attention off of details and allows you to see the ideas. The things that keep coming up. The popular themes. The real “style”. 

And I’m trying to be gentle with myself.

So back to the new series of articles. I want to write an article about each product we have at our shop here. There is a story, and an inspiration behind each one, and it might help you to connect with them more. They're a delicate fuck off to my ignorant/arrogant architect days, when I thought graphic design was completely arbitrary. I'll try to prove otherwise to those who still believe that. Some of these articles will be about the design process, and others will be about the inspiration itself.

I will write imperfect articles about design principles, basic shapes, creative personas, visual elements and colours. 

We’ll see how it goes. Little scared.