All That You Missed At OFFF '17 | Part 2


As promised, here's the second part of my OFFF '17 summary. Check out the first part of the article here.

This time, I purely want to make a list — because I'm feeling lazy, whatevs — and wrote down all my OFFF '17 favourites.

Favourite discovery — Mr Kat

by Mr Kat

by Mr Kat


Check him out! This guy is amazing, even though I would never ever do what he was doing. He’s one of the many showcasing works in 3D category this year, but I think he’s one of the few to use his tools so well and masterfully that his fresh perspective really stands out. He basically makes super polished robotic cats surrounded by food. He says that he developed this style through personal work, and got commissioned for it later on. So there you go young designers, that's how you do it! It’s also quite witty with weird vibes, which I adored. I much enjoyed the visuals he did for the closing party too. 

Favourite naughty boys — FOREAL

These German dudes from a tiny town are also 3D geniuses, who made lots of naughty stuff (mostly dicks and balls) that put a smile on your face (especially if you like dicks). I liked them because they were like themselves and bravely honest about their past failures. They basically showed off a bunch of super lame client work that boldly shared their progress, client bullshit and industry ups and downs. Huge respect for keeping it realz!

Favourite biggest regret — missing Wasted Rita’s talk

by Wasted Rita

by Wasted Rita


 Every single one I talked to has told me that Wasted Rita was their favourite talk of this year. So well done. Wasted Rita, is also a naughty naughty girl and exceptionally talented with language, and apparently in public speaking too. Naturally, I regret missing her talk, even though I was doing something equally cool and was on camera, talking to Anthony Burrill instead, which is another story. Wasted Rita is cool, bringing an edge to contemporary feminism and nicely crafted words. She’s cool. Really really cool.

Favourite celebrity moment — meeting Joshua Davis

Hands down, my headliner for OFFF '17 was Joshua Davis. And here's the back story.

At the end of last year, I told all my co-workers that my new year resolution was to learn Processing. Hence I have spent many late nights watching Joshua’s Processing tutorials in my dark bedroom, while my brain melted into my keyboard, and being woken up by his occasional screams while he'd get very close to the camera. During those late nights, I wanted to be a geek like him. I like and aspire to his work, but more so his energy. He’s a bit of a legend in my world. 

So, by the end of the first day of OFFF '17, I was chatting with Bradley — a.k.a. GMUNK, a.k.a. I have famous friends — as Josh walked us by and said goodbye to Bradley. At that point, I was already so highly starstruck that I unconsciously yelled his name. And so I made Bradley forcefully introduce him to me. Josh was super nice. 🖤 He quite randomly started telling me about that time when he was bargaining really hard for a backgammon set in Grand Bazaar and walked out on the seller and the seller run after him to accept his offer. It was a random story and the solid proof that Josh and I are inseparable best friends now. Even though he probably doesn't even remember me. Joshua Davis starstruck me. And his talk was great. 

Also, so sorry, Bradley, if I embarrassed you.

Favourite biggest jealousy — Gary Baseman

by Gary Baseman

by Gary Baseman


I wish I was as talented and sassy as Gary Baseman. And that's that.

Favourite speaker (and the cutest) — GMUNK

GMUNK is actually a stand-up comedian, who designs stuff in his spare time. He "warmed up" the crowd before Joshua Davis, and by doing so, absolutely killed it. Everyone in the room was cracked up the entire time he was on stage. He’s an amazing public speaker. Not that he needs it though. In fact, his work would speak for itself, even if he was the dullest speaker ever. But combined with his super funny presence, his talk was, I think, one of the best. The audience seemed to agree as well. On the other hand, he's so nice, probably the nicest. And the entire world is looking forward to his new monkey movie.

Favourite person — Anthony Burrill

by Anthony Burrill

by Anthony Burrill


Anthony Burrill is the best, too. He really is. I have to tell you how I talked to him, and by doing so, tragically missed Rita's talk, even though our conversation was far from tragic.

I signed up to speak to him and show him my work during his Adobe Live Stream because he is a hero and I would never miss a chance to meet Anthony. (Thanks so much for that, Adobe and Michael Chaize). He makes very beautiful typography and prints with letterpress like a real nerd. Anyway, the level of feedback he gave me for my work was insane. Very thoughtfully precise and incredibly mature. I loved the streaming, and we had a chat afterwards too. He’s very polite. And he told me that he was quite nervous during his talk. I think it was awesome. I’m happy to have met him. And here's the Adobe Live Stream that brought the two of us together.

So moral of the story is, I can be quite awkward and shy, but when I want to meet someone, I just go and meet them. 

That’s it. Tell me what you think. Tell me how your experience has been, and if you agree with my list.