A catalogue for fine artist Carla Benzing’s exhibition Artistic Politics of the Drone that took place at Central Saint Martins in the summer of 2018.

— The beginning
Carla approached to Muk through the Central Saint Martins network, with an open brief and an invite for collaboration. What an exciting opportunity to be co-creative around an intriguing, hot topic as this! We started the process by understanding the nature of her work that this exhibition entailed. The research based exhibition explored the political limits of the use of the drone within the context of art. We were attracted to the political tone of Carla’s work. This was an interesting and a very relevant subject that touched upon many areas such as privacy, voyeurism and the moral responsibilities of the artist. We were commissioned to design a printed exhibition catalogue for the theoretical background of the artist’s statement. Due to the curatorial decision, the material was heavily text-based with a number of internet images.

Exhibition catalogue for Carla Benzing

Art direction and editorial design

Client: Carla Benzing


— Every single decision
Our proposal was to construct a classical 6 column grid layout populated by strong and clean typography. We played with this grid by breaking it up by playful text columns and small, various sized images. We used contrasting typography using, namely Georgia and Brandon Text, to build hierarchy within the copy. And finally, Muk went for die-cut windows on the front and back covers that reveal the inside of the book while mimicking the voyeuristic desire that drones imply. With this approach, by taking a step back with design and letting art take the centre stage, we aimed for simplicity that strengthened the collaboration.


— Behind the scenes
This was a small project with a quick turnaround and yet a great case study on how two creatives can work together collaboratively and in a balanced dynamic. We worked so well together with Carla that it was the beginning of more projects to come. If you like this one, please also check out our other work together.