Notebooks for creative minds, toys for big boys — and girls.

Notebooks and geek things for playful creatives


Notebooks for creatives minds

We're a London-based design studio with a love for printed objects. Everything we make celebrates a child-like creativity. We tell stories, make jokes, share wisdom from our artistic mentors; make, play, learn — and have fun.


Muk is here on a mission!

We want to give creatives the perfect tools that get their juices flowing. Everything we make is for you; all celebrating art and design. We like telling stories, sharing the wisdom of our artistic mentors, learn, inspire — and have fun.


Muk makes notebooks, toys and other cool stuff that creative souls enjoy.

— because we are one of you!


Muk designs to empower creatives — to reach their artistic potential.

or just to give you something pretty.


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And search from our notebooks, diaries, postcards, puzzles, toys and so much more cool stuff.


Muk works with museums.


We love working with art and cultural institutions and giving them bespoke corporate stationery, visual identities and limited edition products. In the past, we designed boutique collections with some great museum shops and benefit events. We can do it for you too!

Drop us a line and let's talk about how we can work together.


Muk makes toys, puzzles and cubes

— for those who like to play.


Architect's Cube — similar to a Rubik's Cube — is a 3D puzzle that helps you practice spatial thinking. Playing with modular volumes and a minimalist monochrome style, Architect's Cube makes you to think like an architect.


Gradient Puzzle is a jigsaw that is only made only of one colour; and a million shades of it. This is the perfect toy to master a meticulous eye for colour.


Muk designs typefaces

We give away Muse Typeface for free for everyone to play around. Send us your work, so that we'll share them with our community. We are curious to see what you will come up with.


New blog about new blogs

posted on 17 July 2017


Of course, publishing drafts makes me cringe and, like every self-respecting OCD, I prefer polishing things forever and ever until they are absolutely perfect, which they never are, or until I’m sick of them, or until I retire. I don’t think I’ll ever retire. And nothing is never perfect. 


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The onion gun and some other important stuff

posted on 10 July 2017


With Muk, we want to empower creatives, to push them to become strategists, decision makers, key players, intellectuals, and make them aware of their impact in shifting our future in fundamental ways. We’re committed to building a future, where creatives are equipped with the right intellectual tools.


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The Story of Muk

posted on 3 July 2017


A few months later, Pera Museum approached to me. They asked me to design a stationary collection that would be sold in their art shop during an upcoming exhibition Between Desert and Sea. This was an uber cool job, not only because THEY approached ME, but also it was sooooo exciting to see the new exhibition before everyone else. This job required an eye for curation and art, and knowing the client well. We had an excellent chemistry with them and ended up working together for years and years. 


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