Gradient Puzzle

Gradient Puzzle


Gradient Puzzle is a unique jigsaw that is made only of one colour; and a million shades of it. Improving one's sensitivity to the subtleties of tint, practicing colour theory and exercising patience — a few massively important designer skills — this is an excellent, and fun, toy for becoming a better designer. This seemingly impossible to solve puzzle in fact makes a relaxing and creative group activity, or a nice break away from the screen. Enjoy the one-colour rainbow and find your designer zen.

Gradient puzzle is a perfect gift for colour nerds, or anyone who want to master a meticulous eye
for shades.

285 pieces
Size: 31 x 41.8cm
Comes in shades of Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple or Pinkish Orange

Do you have another favourite colour? Let us know, and we'll make you the perfect gradient

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