Sexy Love Postcard | LOVESICK

Sexy Love Postcard | LOVESICK


Limited edition postcard for a special love note on Valentine's Day or any day. Embrace your tainted love stories and dark romantic tendencies with this bold love card. Charm the hell out of an innocent young soul with your intense love confessions. Grab your limited edition postcard, lick your stamps wet and put your love, lust, or hate on paper. 

Speaking of paper, this limited edition postcard was printed by They're made of two layers of black Mohawk sandwiched by two layers of Mohawk Superfine on the outside, plus they're extra-thick and uncoated, hence will suck your ink good. In other words, this limited edition postcard is indeed a special treat for your valentine. 

Limited edition postcards make the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your latest object of desire, or for any loved up day of an all-time hopeless romantic.

- Extra-thick postcard
- Size: 14.8 x 10.5 cm
- Black seam running through the middle
- Uncoated finish

Seduce your loved one with a sexy old-fashioned love card!

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