Notebook for Creatives | CONTRAST (typographic)

Notebook for Creatives | CONTRAST (typographic)


This notebook is for creatives

Notebook for Creatives is a blind canvas to capture your wildest ideas — the best ones come when pen meets paper. The blank inside pages let you write, draw and play without rules. We know exactly how intense this can be. That’s why we used the highest-quality paper and finest craftsmanship to make sure your Inspiration Notebook survives within your creative chaos. And remember, paper is precious. So please don’t let your Notebook for Creatives sit on your shelf, and use it. Feeling stuck? Go back to the inspiration for this Notebook for Creatives.

  • Inspiration: Design principle no. 3 CONTRAST | an extremity; a conflict; a discomfort; a rule-breaker; a rebel; a narcissist; a sarcastic remark

  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 16.5 x 1 cm

  • Paper: 120 gsm fine ivory

  • Pages: 126 blank

  • Cover: Soft-touch

  • Binding: Perfect

  • For writing and sketching

  • Colour: 🖤
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