Notebook for Creatives - THE SYNERGIST

Notebook for Creatives - THE SYNERGIST


Notebook for Creatives is made to survive in your creative chaos, bringing together premium quality paper and fine  craftsmanship. With quirky designs on the outside, this designer notebook is a blind canvas on the inside to capture your wildest ideas. You can carry it everywhere - and write, doodle, journal or draw at home, in the office, or on the go. Your ink will run freely on its plain silky pages, and you’ll be addicted to the velvety touch of its paper. Notebook for Creatives unique aesthetic and mantras for creativity celebrate the fundamental principles of art and design.

Notebook for Creatives make the best Inspiration Notebook, or a perfect Gift for Designers.

- Soft cover
- Perfect binding
- Plain pages
- Ivory coloured paper
- Soft Touch cover
- 90 gsm paper weight
- 128 pages
- Size: 12.5x16.5 cm

Notebook for Creatives can be customized with your logo, signature or artwork. Find details here.

Creative persona no. 3 THE SYNERGIST the conductors — the directors; the curators; the producers

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