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How Muk is designing for creative minds


“All of Muk’s products celebrate design, visual culture, colour and humour, both in their approach and execution. Muk believes that creativity needs playfulness to flourish. That’s why its products are designed to encourage people to embrace a childlike curiosity and explore happy accidents.”


by Design Week


Muk launches new collection of stationery line for creative minds


“If you hadn't already heard, Muk designs notebooks, toys, typefaces, prints, websites, books and accessories to "empower and inspire creatives", while working with businesses across the art and cultural institutions to create visual identities, bespoke stationery, and limited edition product ranges.”


by Creativeboom


Yarza Twins x Muk Design


“London-based creative studio Muk Design launched a limited edition stationery collection (three large sketchbooks and three pocket-size notebooks) designed in collaboration with the Yarza Twins.”


by Fonts in Use