Boy with an ice-cream

Boy with an ice-cream


Yarza Twins x Muk Design

Teamed up with our favourite designer duo, Yarza Twins, we created a limited edition notebook featuring the Boy with an ice-cream. It's a very special sketchbook, made of very special paper. We threw in some pink pages to get you out of your creative blocks too. The blank pages let you get messy with your pen, charcoal, brush, ink, blood, sweat, or any other choice of medium, and the fine craftsmanship makes sure your notebook survives your creative chaos.

Please don’t let Boy with an ice-cream sitting on your desk. Notebooks are happiest when used.

Dimensions 16.8 x 24 x 0.5 cm

Paper 120 gsm fine ivory and pink

Pages 64 blank

Cover Soft-touch

Binding Perfect

For sketching

Colour 💚 💗

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