Gradient Puzzle no. 1 COLOUR

Gradient Puzzle no. 1 COLOUR


Gradient Puzzle is a perfect designer toy; a unique jigsaw made of only one colour; and a million shades of it

This very special designer toy helps you to develop a laser-sharp eye for colour. It also trains you to master some of the most important designer skills — sensitivity to shades, understanding of colour and patience. It’s a seriously addictive puzzle that meanwhile makes you a better designer. Gradient Puzzle, seemingly impossible to solve, is in fact a relaxing hobby (remember those?) and a nice break from the screen. Enjoy the monochrome rainbow and find your designer zen.

Gradient puzzle is a perfect gift for design nerds, modern minimalists or anyone who wants to master a meticulous eye for colour.

Size 31 x 41.8 cm

Pieces 285

Colour 💛 💚 💙 💜 🧡

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