Off-white leather tote bag

Off-white leather tote bag


Tote bag no. 1

Minimalist parchment tote bag marries high quality parchment leather with fine craftsmanship and an edgy, elegant style. Parchment; an ancient printing material made from genuine leather, is a minimalist’s dream where quality meets simplicity. Manufactured by a small family business of generations of Balkan leather makers, each bag is truly one of a kind. The processing method of the material gives it a unique paper like feel, making the bag fragile yet durable feel. An elegant and understated aesthetic of an iconic tote bag celebrates the tectonics the extraordinary leather, making Minimalist tote bag the only one you'd need and want.

Made out of genuine ivory parchment

Size: 41 x 41.5 cm

An elegant and understated tote bag married with special high quality leather and fine craftsmanship makes this the edgy minimalist's dream

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