How to visualise progress?

Visual identity for Central Saint Martins Postgraduate Show

Client: Central Saint Martins


— The competition
Central Saint Martins made an open call to create the identity for their postgraduate show in 2016. Muk participated with the concept of representing multiple work that were simultaneously in progress. The point, though, was that each project would be at a different stage at the time of the exhibition. Because, even though all projects shared the same timeline (and deadline), the nature of design process created a non-linear journey for each student. It’s quite common to take a few steps forward and a few steps back until you meet a deadline. And even then, the stopping point was not dictated by the maturity of the work, but by the fact that the time was simply up.


— The concept
We played with the symbol of loading wheels and created interlocked shapes. The typography was used in a similar way, customising a ready font to match the same idea.

PRINTElif Gurbuz